Our Mission

Our Mission

                       Our mission is to provide world class expertise and support while ensuring the best solutions for our clients.
With Strauss you know you can depend on

          • Real time updates on products, quotes, orders, and shipment status

          • Personalized software tools for every aspect of your project

          • Open honest discussion on time frames and product performance

          • Dedicated staff to handle every aspect of the process

          • AGI32 layout and design

          • Solutions to the most challenging layouts and designs

          • Marketing partnerships with quality organizations  –  Camp Courageous  |  Iowa C.O.P.S

          • Building relationships while we represent and train contractors/distributors/engineers with Lighting Passport

          • Develop more partnerships with renewable energy companies

          • Follow up on installation, innovate, improve, repeat

          • Honorably represent our community, families, and faith